Chuck Kraft Excalibur

$20.00 - $22.00 / Sold Out

Hands down the best Topwater style bug/popper you can fish for Smallmouth Bass. Chuck fished this style bug for over three decades resulting in his clients landing 5-6 pound smallmouth routinely. These bugs are hand made from the best imported and domestic cork available. Each bug is custom made by William. Cantaria Bugs have gone south for many seasons to be fished in South America. The results are breath taking. Please be aware that there are many steps to making these bugs. Its takes 4-7 days for the process. This could delay in your order being shipped.

"These bugs are stupid good."
Jeff Kelble - Former Shenandoah and Potomac Riverkeeper

"For day in and day out big fish on top water Chucks bugs produce. Listen closely to Chucks tips and practice what he says and you will see the results."
L. E. Rhodes - James/Shenandoah Smallmouth Guide

"CK's top water bugs are a prized possession. I've watched him spend hours over his tying table, bringing the raw cork to a polished perfection with his unique legs and tails. His poppers out catch and out last the "Store Bought" poppers by at least 5 to 1 in my experiences fishing them. They are effective from Minnesota to Maine to Virginia and North Carolina but are also deadly on other top water feeders as well. I try to always have a good selection of his hand tied miracles on hand."
Dr. Carl Hoffman - Chuck Kraft Client for 30 years.

"The bugs Chuck Kraft has designed over the past 25 years revolutionized topwater fishing for Smallmouth Bass. The largest fish in the river are all well educated fish and they eat Chuck's Topwater Bugs with reckless, suicidal tendency!!!"
Colby Trow - Owner of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

"Absolutely the best and most durable bugs I have ever fished. Smallmouth can be selective and shy away from factory bugs they frequently see. They can't resist these."
Jim Richmond - New River Fishing Guide

The topwater fish and strikes that you will get fishing these bugs are unbelievable. The techniques to make these bugs are taken directly from Chuck Kraft and Walt Carey who are true legends in the fly fishing industry. 8-10 coats of paint, durable clear coats, large legs.......these bugs produce results and these bugs last. They have the proper profile and weight to fish just like a real bug. Turn around time for these bugs is 1-2 weeks due to the long process of producing them. Demand and production time are why they are expensive. Clients of Chuck Kraft have been paying this price and more for over 15 years. These patterns are now available to the public.