Image of Topwater Bug Cork
  • Image of Topwater Bug Cork
  • Image of Topwater Bug Cork
  • Image of Topwater Bug Cork
  • Image of Topwater Bug Cork

Topwater Bug Cork

$3.00 / On Sale

Please Read Carefully. Cork Size does not match or correlate with hook size.

#4 Unshapeded Cork. 10 to a pack. This cork is perfect for making bugs in #2-#1 sizes. This is the best quality cork you can get for Topwater Popping Bugs. #2 15/16 of an inch long perfect for making Chuck Kraft style and Walt Carey popping bugs. This cork is from Portugal. Very little if any patching and sanding needed. This is the same cork we use to make production popping bugs. Only the best.

#4 Cone Shaped Cork. 10 to a pack. This cork will make perfect bugs for #2-#1 sizes. Makes a great profile. The rounded front to the cork enables you to fish these bugs just like real cicadas and "June Bugs". Finish off the bottom of the cork with a razor blade or sand paper and you are ready for hook assembly. Use our Popper tails or Crittermite tails for the most realistic profiles.

#4 Fully Prepared Cork. 10 to a pack. No Shaping needed. Very little patching and sanding needed. Ready for Primer and Paint. Front angle and bottom is pre cut. These cork bodies are ready for a hook slot. These are the best of the best.

#4 Double Ended Cork - You can get 2 #4 bugs out of each piece of cork. Once again this cork is from Portugal. 10 to a pack. Very little patching needed for these. Once again the best of the best.

Unused Wine Cork. 5 to a pack. This style cork let's you go custom all the way. You can get about 4 #2 bugs out of each cork by slicing disks and then shaping each disk into a popping bug. You can also shape huge topwater flies to target Musky, Striper, Shark and Largemouth Bass. This cork is the best for using either razor blades, saws and sand paper to shape. Each cork measures 1 and 5/8" by 15/16'.

Cork Disks - 25 disks to a pack. The Unused Wine cork now is available in precut disks to create #2 and #1 Chuck Kraft style topwater bugs like the Excalibur. This cork is the best available for making topwater bugs.