Crittermite Tail

$5.00 - $7.50

10 tails per pack. Chuck Kraft has developed the most deadly hellgrammite pattern ever produced. Chuck has been developing this fly since 2007. The public release was January 24th, 2014 at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset NJ. Don't let other "knock off" tails fool you. Our tail was tested, adjusted, tweaked, fished and fully developed over 6 years. When Chuck Kraft develops a fly........it is fully developed and perfected before it is released to the public.

The #2 Tails are available in Black and Wood currently. They are our largest Crittermite tails.

The # 4 Tails match with Tiemco 5263 #4. The #4 Tails match with the Tiemco 5263 #6. The fly can be finished off with Eastern Trophies Popper tail at the head of the fly. Use our Medium Popper Tails or Clawdad Tails to make the head cover for the fly. Our Large Popper Tails fit the #4 and #2 tail. Instructional video by Chuck Kraft will be relased soon.

#6 Tails match most #6 streamer and nymph hooks that are 3x and 2x long. The medium popper tails match well to make Chuck Kraft's Crittermite version.