$5.00 - $7.00

Publicly released in January of 2014 at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show. Don't let the "knock offs" that came after, fool you. "This is the most effective hellgrammite fly pattern ever." Trout, Smallmouth Bass and an incredible fly for Carp. Chuck Kraft began developing this pattern in 2007. When Chuck Kraft fishes a fly pattern for 6 years in secret, you know its not just going to be good, but amazing. The three colors offered will cover all species and color variations for Hellgrammittes world wide. Use our Medium Popper Tails or Clawdad Tails to make the head cover for the fly. Built like a tank, one fly will catch 75 to 100 fish. These tails will outlast the hooks. This fly is a must have pattern for Trophy Smallmouth Anglers and Trophy Trout Anglers.